An Eagle Eye Kling Group

Framing the future of new wave Web3.0, Blockchain, Metaverse.

Aim - To build a Decentralized virtual communities powered by Creator Economy.

Currently we are working on 8 Elements in framing Creator Economy.

8 Elements are-8 witnesses of every act of Human Life.

Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Sky, Sun, Moon and Soul.

We believe in Empowering the rise of individuals as “Creator and Creation”, monetising the content directly with fans

In our opinion Web3.0, Metaverse is a disruption that can change the complete earning dynamics of individuals.

Eight core fundamentals we believe

  1. Elevate every act of human physical world experiences
  2. Co-create, Co-Earn
  3. Digital ownership of Assets
  4. Monetising the Digital Assets
  5. Play to Earn/Earn monthly active income and pay bills.
  6. Virtual experience and wide spread gamer adoption.
  7. Non gate keeper/Decentralized economy
  8. Trade every Digital event Tick By Tick, 24/7 and 365 days.

8 Elements

1.Soul Element

String Metaverse Pvt. Ltd is the Soul element with all IPR, CopyRights controlling the Metaverse of remaining 7 elements.

2.Earth Element

Kling Kazakhsthan Liquidity mining, Proof of Stake Mining Launch Q1-2022

3.Water Element

A 60:40 JV with Cosmea and Kling. We are building Decentralized Non Custodial Kling Torus Wallet with Multi Blockchain support Web3.0 App. Beta Launch Q1-2022

4.Fire Element

Kling Metaverse a Play to Earn, Earn monthly income by participating in simple Human acts. To Create a community with a virtual experience and wide spread game adoption. Goal is to create, Co-Earn with active income.Launch (Beta) Q1-2022

5.Air Element

Gift City India a JV 50:50 of Cosmea/Kling with regulated frame work, will be implementing Digital Asset Management. Launching BTC/ETH Futures with INX(India) Exchange in Gift City.Tying up with Bloomberg for futures settlement as reference index Launching Digital Asset Management/ETF/Structured products. Launch Q1/Q2-2022

6.Moon Element

Empowering the African continent with regulated Digital Asset Management launch through Afrinex. Kling Mauritius Launch-Q3-2022

7.Sun Element

Digital ownership of Assets, Tokenization of Commodities, Real Estate Tokenization Kling UK Launch Q1-2023

8.Sky Element

Kling Hong Kong - Powering Electronic Communication Network (ECN)/Cross engine with powerful smart order routing. It will power all the elements and major exchanges with liquidity 24/7, 365 days. It will act as Time/Space fabric for entire revenue streams of Kling Virtual communities. Launch:Q4-2021

Defining a New Internet Money@Speed of Thought.