Automated Market Making

At Kling we are Market Makers also known as Liquidity Providers

We facilitate price discovery with two way quotes

Despite lowering of competitive barriers to Market Makers there are few Market Makers in digital assets and Exchanges.

Market Makers for Digital Assets are in high demand.

Due to high volatile nature of Digital Asset price we deploy automated Algorithms to stay competitive.

We got an edge in handling stale data, trade execution lag as well as API down time.

We provide AMM/Liquidity for DEx.

“The only way to subsidise price discovery in a market is to pay Market makers to maintain tight spread”

Automated Market Making

  • New tokens and ICO’S
  • We build deep order books and provide tight spreads for New Tokens
  • We connect to Multiple Exchanges, OTC Desks, Hedge Funds Liquidity of high volumes and pool the liquidity from these venues into InMemory order Book.
  • We inject the liquidity into target Token /Assets