Liquidity Mining

Cloud Mining / Liquidity as a Service(Mining Proof of Stake)

Liquidity Mining-using Proof of Stake.

We work with open source software bots that enable to build and run customizable mining solution for Crypto assets listed both on Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.

We add Liquidity, Mining capability to exchanges, platforms and token issuer.

Liquidity seller Hedge Funds

Kling Mining Platform

Liquidity Buyer Exchanges Token Issuers

Liquidity Mining Model

Our model of liquidity mining aims to balance Buyers and Sellers

Liquidity Buyer
  • Buyers bring Market price
  • Slippage reduction
  • Consistency of liquidity
Liquidity Seller
  • Effective Risk-Reward payoff
  • Positive Mining payout
  • Best Spread density function
  • Price Surge function

Technology Services

High scalable infrastructure from Price Generation, Dynamic Distribution, Exchange Solution to Aggregation and Liquidity

World class Tech Aggregation

Direct Aggregation of Price Streams

Smart order Routing Solution

Risk Transfer

Mining Operations

Support more than 100+ Crypto Assets

Reliable Clearing Custody

Best in class Reporting

Global Services Offering

  • Crypto Mining
  • Crypto Gaming & Finance (GAMEFI)
  • Decentralized Finance & NFT (Non Fungible Tokens)
  • Trading Desk Providing Liquidity from Hedge Funds and Selling Liquidity to Exchanges
  • Bank connections Fiat to Dollar and payment gateway