B2B Marketplace

We are creating a Digital Market Place for Corporates, HNI’S, Family offices to Execute Liquidity as a Service for higher returns.

We connect you to all Global liquidity providers and distribution venues.

World class Tech Aggregation

  • Crypto pricing in more than 16 fiat currencies
  • Crypto to Crypto pricing
  • Fiat to Crypto pricing
  • Create synthetic crosses
  • Depth of order books, multiple price streams to any venue
  • Distribution of prices to ECN’s, API’s WHITE labels alternative liquidity providers and prop dealers
  • Dynamic Hedging Solutions
  • Customized rate Streams
  • Liquidity Aggregations from multiple Hedge funds and institutions

High Lights

  • 24/7 Digital liquidity
  • Fix and Rest API
  • Maker, Taker engagement
  • Fix adapter for Rest and websocket API
  • Process set capability
  • We aggregate liquidity from all Global avenues
  • Low return to cloud connectivity
  • Low cost Hedging Solution
  • Structured Derivatives

Corporate Solution

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

Inflation Hedging

Treasury Yield Enhancement

Border less Payments